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A Wild Lens Collective & Running Wild Media Production


Executive producer: Jim Lesperance

Producer: Matthew Podolsky, Justin Grubb, Alex Goetz

Director: Justin Grubb & Annie Roth

Editor: Katie Garrett 

Cinematography: Alex Goetz, Justin Grubb & Michael Clark


Animator:  Katie Garrett 

Additional footage: 'The Invisible Hand' Documentary, the Public Herald, 

Ohio State Highway Patrol & the Frack Tracker Alliance


Composer: Micah Anderson

Production Assistant: Zach Steinhauser

Special thanks to the people of Grant Township, Paula Lesperance, Thomas Lesperance, the Frack Tracker Alliance, Matthew Kaunert, Viorel Popescu, Alan Lacey & Kristin Tieche.


Help us continue the fight

     To help push Rights of Nature into the mainstream, consider donating to our "Hellbent" impact campaign. All proceeds go towards community organizing, local free screenings, and assistance to those communities that are fighting environmental injustices. All contributions are run through our fiscal sponsor Wild Lens Collective, a 501(c)3 organization and collective of over 50 environmental filmmakers all focused on making the world a better place for people and nature. 

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