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Hellbent takes home the BEST SHORT award from the NY WILD Film Festival

Our film “Hellbent” a co-production between Wild Lens Collective and Running Wild Media, premiered at the New York WILD Film Festival on March 5th at the Explorers Club. The screening was followed by a Q&A session featuring co-directors Justin Grubb and Annie Roth. Screening this film at such an incredible film festival was an honor, and taking home the award for Best Short meant so much to the incredible team involved in this project.

Hellbent is a short film about community that features a small rural town in Pennsylvania, the refuge of a rare salamander and the only source of clean drinking water for 700 people is threatened by the installation of a fracking waste injection well, prompting community members to band together and mount an epic fight for the rights of their people and nature.

The award from this film festival was presented to Judy and Stacy of Grant Township for their hard work in protecting their community against fracking.

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