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Webinar Sheds Light on Community's Fight Against Fracking Waste Injection Well

FracTracker Alliance and Halt the Harm Network will host a special virtual screening of the documentary film “Hellbent” on April 6, 2023, at 2 p.m. ET. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers and those involved in the fight to protect Grant Township, PA, from a fracking waste injection well.

“Hellbent” tells the story of a community's battle to prevent a fracking waste injection well from being built in their town. The wastewater posed a threat to the Little Mahoning Creek, the community's only source of fresh water and a refuge for the endangered eastern hellbender salamander. The moderated discussion will dive deeper into the community's fight, the implications of their story for other injection well cases, and the science and ongoing advocacy surrounding fracking wastewater pollution.

The discussion panel includes Ted Auch from FracTracker Alliance, film co-director Justin Grubb, Chad Nicholson from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, and Matthew Kaunert, Hellbender biologist & P.h.D candidate at the University of Ohio.

The screening will be the first time that the director, scientific experts, and the activists involved in the film come together to discuss “Hellbent” and the campaign to protect Grant Township.

"We're excited to host this event and bring attention to the important work being done to protect communities from the harmful effects of fracking waste injection wells," said Ted Auch from FracTracker Alliance. "The story of Grant Township is a powerful reminder that individuals and communities can make a difference in protecting our natural resources."

The screening and discussion will take place via Zoom. Register here:

For more information about “Hellbent,” visit

About FracTracker Alliance and Halt the Harm Network:

FracTracker Alliance is a nonprofit organization that provides data, tools, and analyzes to inform and support movements to protect public health, the environment, and communities from the harms of oil and gas development.

Halt the Harm Network is a national organization that provides support and resources to communities impacted by fracking and other forms of extreme energy development.

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